Oh, I Know Dats Right! Vol. 1

by Dubtown Cosmonauts

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"Oh, I Know Dats Right! Vol. 1" is a compilation of songs pulled from live Dubtown Cosmonauts performances throughout 2014. From spacey, psychedelic livetronica to straight-up rock and roll, this album has it all!

We are giving the album away for free as a thank you to our awesome fans. We appreciate each and every one of you, and we without your support, we would not be here today. So....THANK YOU and ENJOY!


released December 12, 2014

• All songs written by and performed by Dubtown Cosmonauts: Nick Gliarmis, Justin Heter, Tom Shaw, Alex Voutsinas

• Album mixing by Justin Heter




Dubtown Cosmonauts Wilmington, North Carolina

Super - group out of Wilmington, NC, bringing you the finest jams in the land.

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Track Name: Dark's Riding Shotgun
Dark's riding shotgun
Down 95
No one else out this late
Helps to know I'm alive
On the way to see her
Just one more time
I thought time would be different
I must have lost my mind

I woke up one morning in a pool of sweat, the toilet by my head
If I had slept for one more day, no doubt that I'd be dead
But I put on my pants and tied my shoes and I headed towards the door
To go and see my old lady, like many times before
But this time she seemed kinda different, like she didn't know my name
And I realized this time when I kissed her it would never be the same
But I decided to try just one more time like I did the times before
I put the ticket in my pocket, but then I wouldn't anymore


As I traveled down the unlit road with the darkness at my side,
I began to think that this late night trip just wasn't worth the ride
'Cause as I drove I was getting sick and the sun began to rise,
In the time it took for me to get there, I filled my head with lies
I ignored the repercussions, and the things I had to do,
And when I pulled up in the gravel driveway, I already knew
That this trip would be my last, it just wasn't worth the ride
When the dark is riding shotgun, down an empty 95

Track Name: I Should've Known
Well had I known that this is the way that you and I'd turn out to be
I'd have stepped away when I had the chance
And you would still embarrass me
I wouldn't have been in such a rush just to watch you leave me
But I should've known that that's the way that you and I'd turn out to be

And it fucks me up for me to think that you might be with someone else
So I forget your name, forget your face, forget the way it felt
When I first met you, another guy caught you looking back at me
Well I should have known, that's the way that you and I'd turn out to be
Track Name: Bruce Chillwalker
His name is Bruce
He is the late-night
Booty stalker
He likes to funk out
With his junk out
Because he's Bruce